A Couple of Old Broads rock San Jacinto!

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Cindy in our booth

Cindy in our booth

This week(ok, 2 weeks ago now…) brought the 1st event for Cindy and I’s new adventure as quilt show vendors, so a couple of old broads hit the road!  We had a wonderful time with the lovely ladies (and gentlemen) of the Valley Wide Quilters Guild. What a sweet group. I especially appreciated the loving offerings of home made dishes and made to order sandwiches prepared for our lunch. Talking quilts can really make a girl hungry!

We saw some old friends and made some new ones. We were grateful to one booth neighbor ( another Cindy) who loaned us a step stool (I’m tall but even I can’t reach up eight feet to hang quilts!) and to the super sweet ladies Mimi & sister Mima of Mimi’s Quilt Shop in Yucca Valley. They were directly across from us and made us feel very welcome and encouraged in our new venture. What’s not to love? So when you are in the Yucca Valley area make sure to stop in and say hi to Mimi AKA: Karen Howes owner of Mimi’s. She will make you  feel right at home.

The other equally exciting event this week ….drumroll please…. I Bought A NEW (to me) CAR!!!! My beloved 2001 Taurus was getting tired and even with the split rear seat and gianormous trunk was a little lacking in the cargo capacity department. Talk about perfect timing, Cindy and I had planned to load ourselves and all our booth set up and products into Cindy’s PT Cruiser for the show. Since I got my new car on on Tuesday I wanted to take it on Thursday for the show so we loaded it up. We had her crammed to the ceiling and still didn’t get it all in. We packed the PT cruiser pretty full too!! We laughed at how we would have had to cram if I ‘d still been driving the Taurus. I’m pretty sure I’d have had to carry patterns in my lap in the drivers seat to get it all in.

Just goes to show life is good and everything happens when it is supposed to and “Scarlett” my 2013 chevy captiva sport arrived just when I needed her. BTW she’s “Scarlett” my new BFF because she’s a combo of the awesome coolness of Scarlett Johansson (think Natasha in Avengers) and the feisty single-mindedness of Scarlett O’Hara, and of course she’s red.

Oh, and If you showed up here looking for my “easy snap bag” tutorial scroll down the page to the entry for  10-24-11 . Someday I’ll expand it and  put it on the side bar… but not today.

Sew happy, cheers!


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