REACH for a better thought

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Mini Quilt  REACH for a better thought

          Mini Quilt REACH for a better thought

Sometimes what we really need is some new thinking. It’s so very easy going around just reacting to what happens to and around us. But, in order to CREATE! our lives, we need to grab the reigns of our mind and say “Whoa! Slow down! I’m in charge here!” Our minds go racing off at a million miles a minute and most of it is not serving us. Our minds can be like wild horses reacting.  You may not know this, but, if what you are thinking makes you unhappy or keeps you from your pursuit of happiness it is not serving you. These thoughts can be reactions to events or just the kind of low grade negativity that prevents you from going for it.

Lets say for example, I would really like to have an article published in a magazine. Now for me that is exciting and a little intimidating. Even with my experience It’s easy for me to think…”I don’t have a clear idea for an article” “They probably get dozens of submissions every day by people with more writing experience than me”, “that magazine fits my work BUT, …”

Or I can REACH for those better thoughts

“If I sit and brainstorm, I bet I can come up with 5 ideas for an article”, “I don’t have to write the whole article, just submit a proposal” “Magazines are always searching for new ideas” “Nothing is truly new, even older ideas can be recycled” , ” Writing a proposal will be good experience” “Even submitting a proposal will give me some name recognition”

Which will be more likely lead to action? The negative defeating thoughts, or the better more empowering thoughts?

Whether you believe you can do a thing or not… you are right.  – Henry Ford


LOVE …is all you need.

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Love is truly all you need.

When you are in love everything feels wonderful. You feel more beautiful, more vital, more alive.

This Valentines Weekend  fall totally and madly in love… with yourself. 

You are utterly amazing. You are here because YOU are a good idea. Because YOU add to all that is by who you are. Everyday you engage and touch others in ways you never imagine.

YOU are exactly right. You do not need to be anything or anyone other than who you are, so relax.

YOU are exactly where you should be RIGHT NOW, so relax.

You are growing and learning so much and you will continue to grow and learn, that is the nature of life, so relax.

Look at what you have done and what you have chosen and what you have created and know it has all been exactly right and be happy NOW.

…and that goes for me, too. So this weekend I’m practicing extreme self love. I’m going to be delighted with myself. I will be indulgent and playful. I will ask myself leading questions and really listen to the answers. I will be open and curious. I will eat CHOCOLATE.

I will fill my cup until it overflows knowing that its from that abundance  – that overflow – that I can best love others, too – Much love to you <3

I’d love to know how you  fill your cup this weekend. 🙂


CREATE! “R” is for request.

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When you make a quilt you usually get to make all the decisions.

If the quilt is just for you, YOU GET  TO PICK every single little detail. You choose the colors, the pattern and the fabric will it be batik or cotton or Minky? You pick what you want, what YOU like best.  It can be the same with life. The problem is most of us don’t know how to put in our requests.

We constantly contradict our desires.

I love old movies, one of my favorites is the movie “It’s a Wonderful Life” with Jimmy Stewart.  In the film Stewart’s character has a guardian angel, do you remember?  Named Clarence. Imagine for a minute that Clarence is your personal angel. Now Clarence is a really sweet guy but a bit bumbling, he’s a little deaf and not up on the latest fads. He wasn’t even born in the last century (Heaven is an equal opportunity employer, after all…) but Clarence has great intentions and has access to immense power. Everything you could ever want is available to him love, wealth, health, success… and he is standing by ready with his orders to deliver to you what ever you ask for , nothing is too big or too small.  Clarence is there ready willing and able to deliver to you anything you want. He hears you say “oh, look at that awesome jacket, I would love to have that jacket” Clarence starts over to make all the cogs move to pack it up for you and before he can get there you say “look at the price, no way, I can’t afford that” so he hears “I can’t afford that” so he moves on to giving you more of “you can’t afford it” instead. Back and forth it goes, poor Clarence gets worn out and you get nowhere.

Things CAN go better for you than they have, you just have to stop being your own NO.

I don’t mean go out and buy a lot of stuff you can’t currently afford. Instead, become aware of where you are getting in the way of what you really want most. What countering mind sets do you have? Where do you say NO to you? Do you say:

I can’t afford it – I don’t have enough time – I’m too old – I’m not smart enough – I don’t deserve it – I won’t win

You are powerful and your requests are heard. Request what you want, not what you don’t want.

When we talk about or mentally stew over the things that are going wrong in our lives, we put in more requests for things to go wrong.

Talk, think, draw, paint and quilt the things you do want.  Don’t say NO to you. Don’t worry about the details, leave the how’s up to Clarence. Just stop requesting what you don’t want, that’s enough to start the cogs moving again in your favor.

We can order up our lives just like the details of our quilt creations. Request what you want, not what you don’t want.


CREATE! 7 keys to unlocking your creative power

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For me it begins with the idea that being happy and feeling joyful improves every area of your life. That the very act of feeling good, of being happy, draws to you “magnetizes” all the good stuff you want to come into your life.

Now this really excites me, it excites me that the more I practice and the better I become at using these universal principals the more beautiful and enjoyable my life becomes and I want that for you, too!

So, I’ve developed an acronym CREATE! to explain these ideas and principals to move you to your own exquisitely joyful creations.  C- Choose, R – Request, E – Expect, A- Act, T – Thank, E – Energize, ! – the jzuzzh that brings it all together.

C – The first letter in CREATE! is “C” and “C” stands for CHOOSE. In quilting we begin by making a choice. The 1st decision or choice we have to make is what do we want? Nothing can happen until we decide. Until we choose. Will we make a wall quilt or a bed quilt a baby quilt or a tote bag? When we decide for ourselves that is called a conscious decision and with that we create the world around us. BUT – it’s very important to recognize that not all decisions are conscious ones. Many if not most of our day to day creating is done unconsciously.

We want to be conscious creators of our lives. The best way to be happy with your conscious choice is to follow you heart when deciding. Which means choosing things because they are what other people want for you doesn’t really work, your choices must come from your own heart.

If you are interested in a hands on experience of  CREATE!  I will be holding a class:

Visioning in Fabric:


Visualization is a powerful tool for focusing used to help us achieve our goals. In this workshop we will be creating a small (approx. 11” x 17”) wall hanging to help get us in the “feeling place” of our dreams. Experts agree the more you can “feel” the way achieving your dream will feel, the more likely you are to achieve it. Immerse yourself in the powerful energy created as we work together. This is your dream, there is no should. Use colors that speak to you, embellish as your heart desires. You may make your piece as literal or as abstract as you want.  As long as your quilt makes you smile and reminds you of your desire, it’s perfect. You will learn some tips and tools for taking your dreams from fabric to fruition and the cutting edge science that makes quilting the perfect tool for not only visualizing but achieving your dreams.   Redlands Sewing Center, Sept 29 6pm (909) 792-3994


Life is supposed to be FUN!

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P1100170 (2)


I believe that life is supposed to be fun.

If its not, then you’re not doing it right!

I wasn’t doing it right… I was mired in lack-full thinking, so much so that I got cancer.

Interestingly though, cancer also allowed me the opportunity to begin to see my truths, my limiting beliefs and begin to understand the power we all have over our lives, our health and our happiness. That power starts with believing that life is actually supposed to be fun!

One thing I’ve seen proven over and over again is that the better you feel the better everything in your life goes, and you can have total control over how you feel.

Notice I said “can have”, not “do have”…. the doing comes with practice. First you have to realize you can control how you feel, and that doing so has HUGE benefits! I’ll be talking about this more in my upcoming series “CREATE! 7 keys to unlocking your creative power” so stick around.

Until then… go have some FUN!!!!