Que Orchestra, Curtain Up!

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The notice arrived unexpectedly early… the final exhibit of the Dinner@8 Artists. A flutter of the heart as I click thru the link to the list of accepted pieces. Scrolling thru the list of now familiar names… yes it’s there Lauretta K. Crites – Que Orchestra, Curtain Up! will be part of this last chapter.

I came late to the party. Gaining entry (it’s invitation only…) in 2014 after my quilt “Winter Squash” ribboned at Houston Festival, giving me my first opportunity to “come to the table” with this amazing group of women in 2015 when my quilt “Undaunted” was accepted into the “Affinity” exhibit, meeting for the 1st time artists who’s work I had long admired. I remember now how much I tortured myself and my quilt that first year knowing how high the caliabler of the work would be and how proud I was, and am, to see my work alongside the work of these beautiful ladies. To see the list of this years artists or previous year exhibits click here.

Being a part of this group has really inspired me and pushed me to grow in my work, opened my eyes to new ideas and opportunities and made me laugh ’till I nearly cried. I am grateful for the friendships and the committed deadlines!! Many thanks to co-curators Jamie Fingal and Leslie Tucker Jenison for creating this exhibit and fostering this community.

Cue Orchestra, Curtain Up!

I have an affinity for live theater. I’m not certain where I “caught the bug” but I know even in elementary school I loved putting on stage shows, even puppet shows! More comfortable behind the scenes I moved naturally into the “tech” side eventually joining my sewing skills with construction and design working in costume shops in Los Angeles on all kinds of productions.

I love all kinds of theater but its the musicals I return to over and over again. They are the ones that steal my heart. Call it Opera or Musical Theater when you combine music with the human voice and the actions of the performers I’m transported, fully engaged. Even when I can’t understand the words the emotions are so clear.

In this 30″ x 50″ quilt Cio-Cio San (Madame Butterfly) and Alexander Hamilton (Hamilton) share the spotlight in my tribute to theater in it’s most magical form with other productions represented in the quilting in the background surrounding these central characters. Between my time “backstage” and “front of house” some of the most exquise moments of my life have been experienced in the theater.

2017 Dinner@8 piece “White Lace on Red Velvet”
theme: Patterns

2016 Dinner@8 piece “Undaunted” Theme: Affinity



“LOVE” Mini Quilt on a foam display board

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Now that life is cycling back toward something like normalcy I’ve been able to spend some time in the studio. My
current art quilt is under a social media black out so I am going to share a new Mini Quilt display method I’ve just tried.

Design Foam Boards for Mini Quilt Mounting

Design Foam Boards by Fairfield are rigid styrofoam with adhesive on one side so its easy to mount the quilt directly to the board. The instructions say to position sticky side up wrap your fabric to the back covering only the edges and then stick it to the wall…
Sorry… I’m not gluing these things to my wall… Here’s how I used it.

I started by measuring the width for my border. Since the center of my Mini Quilt measures 8 1/2″ square and the foam board is 12″ square I needed the border fabric to be 1/4″ (seam allowance) + 2″ (distance to edge) + 1/2″ (thickness of foam) + 1 1/2″ (wrap on back) = 4″ I cut 2 border pieces 4″ x 8 1/2″ and attached to the sides, right sides together, sewed using 1/4″ seam, pressed toward the border, added 4″ border to the top and bottom measuring for the length. You will have a finished top with very wide border, as you see in the top photo.

Next I marked on the back of the quilt 2″ out from the seam of the mini quilt center. This created a 12″ square, the same size as the foam board. I then removed the stickybase protective liner and centered the board sticky side down on top of my fabric aligning it with the marks I made.

center the foam on the back of your mini quilt

Clip into the fabric even with the edge of the board on the sides, stopping at the board. Place double sided adhesive fabric tape along the raw edge stopping where the fabric is clipped . Remove the adhesive liner and wrap the fabric around the edge of the foam onto the back (non adhesive) side of the board pulling slightly as you press the tape in place to create a tight fit.

trimming the top and bottom border

Use a touch of glue to secure the raw edge of the fabric on the 1/2″ bottom corners. Fold back the extending end of the top and bottom border fabric even with the side of the covered edge of the foam board. Trim away about half of the fold back, to eliminate bulk.

After trimming, glue remaining fold back in place on top of border.


glue extra seam allowance

Place double sided fabric tape on raw edge from end to end on remaining edges, wrap fabric around sides and onto back tugging slightly as you press tape in place to create a tight fit.

view of back of finished board


With the stickybase adhesive firmly anchoring the front of the mini quilt and nothing sticky on the back I can prop my mini up on a table, or stand it in a small easel or even press a picture hook into the back and hang it on a nail.

Mini top wrapped on design foam board