Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

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I decorate for the seasons. Maybe its because I live in Southern California where we don’t have any seasons. We do have different temperatures though, coolish, warmish, and too darn hot. But, as those don’t line up with any particular dates on the calendar (as evidenced by 95+ degrees last week and 70’s this week) I create my seasons indoors. The cycle changes slightly depending on my mood and my schedule. Just before mothers day I packed up the bunnies and pastel brights in favor of Red/White/Blue. I will continue to layer on more on the theme this week for memorial day and it will stay thru 4th of July.

I do have a “rinse and repeat” process using items stored in totes but increasingly my quilts and a couple of key accents rule the decor. One way I create a new look with the same items is to use them in a new way. Here I have placed a table runner on the back of a couch for a pop of color.P1090321


I wanted a throw pillow in the red/white/blue theme but didn’t find quite what I wanted. This wall quilt didn’t have a good spot this year so I took an existing pillow and simply wrapped the quilt around the pillow.  Placed on a chair or couch that is rarely sat on it looks great.




Don’t stop the presses!!

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Yesterday I received super exciting news! Lori Baker creative editor for Quilters Newsletter Magazine emailed that Winter Squash was selected to be the Photo Finish for their October/November issue. Quilters Newsletter is a well known magazine loved by quilters and the Photo Finish is a full page that has featured so many outstanding quilts I feel giddy to have my work chosen to join that company. I can’t wait to see it!

"Winter Squash"

“Winter Squash”

As I was thinking how nice it will be to see a large picture in print I suddenly realized I never even mentioned the 1st time my work appeared in a national magazine. Sometimes things move so fast and I’m so busy living life I don’t seem to have time to report on all the wonderful things that are happening along the way. Last year, I was also privileged to see my work in print. Quilting Arts ran a reader challenge competition for which the theme was “Text Me” the ubiquitous OMG came instantly to my mind and well… you can see my interpretation below. It certainly jumps off the page …even if I do say so myself.

OMG in Quilting Arts Magazine

OMG in Quilting Arts Magazine



We’re Back!

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Hello Everyone,

Recently our hosting service made a change to our server causing some unforeseen downtime.  We have recently updated the site so hopefully this problem will not happen again in the future. We are sorry to anyone who was unable to view the site, place an order, or get in contact with Lauretta during the downtime.

Sorry for the inconvenience, and thanks for visiting,

Lauretta’s Tech Team


I remember that I forgot….

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I forgot to share the following press release which accompanied my notification in January. “Too Soon to Tell” comes before the judges today, so keep your fingers crossed for me!

AQS Lancaster Press Release

AQS Lancaster Press Release

"Too Soon To Tell"

“Too Soon To Tell”

Also coming up… A COUPLE OF OLD BROADS will be in Pasadena for the Glendale Quilt Guild show. I know, WHAT??? This year the Glendale Quilt Guild is moving their quilt show to the Pasadena Convention Center at 300 E. Green Street. I am thrilled to have the show on “this side of the hill”. Cindy and I will be in booth #605 so stop by and say hi! Show hours are Friday March 21, 10-6 and Saturday March 22, 10-5


A Couple of Old Broads rock San Jacinto!

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Cindy in our booth

Cindy in our booth

This week(ok, 2 weeks ago now…) brought the 1st event for Cindy and I’s new adventure as quilt show vendors, so a couple of old broads hit the road!  We had a wonderful time with the lovely ladies (and gentlemen) of the Valley Wide Quilters Guild. What a sweet group. I especially appreciated the loving offerings of home made dishes and made to order sandwiches prepared for our lunch. Talking quilts can really make a girl hungry!

We saw some old friends and made some new ones. We were grateful to one booth neighbor ( another Cindy) who loaned us a step stool (I’m tall but even I can’t reach up eight feet to hang quilts!) and to the super sweet ladies Mimi & sister Mima of Mimi’s Quilt Shop in Yucca Valley. They were directly across from us and made us feel very welcome and encouraged in our new venture. What’s not to love? So when you are in the Yucca Valley area make sure to stop in and say hi to Mimi AKA: Karen Howes owner of Mimi’s. She will make you  feel right at home.

The other equally exciting event this week ….drumroll please…. I Bought A NEW (to me) CAR!!!! My beloved 2001 Taurus was getting tired and even with the split rear seat and gianormous trunk was a little lacking in the cargo capacity department. Talk about perfect timing, Cindy and I had planned to load ourselves and all our booth set up and products into Cindy’s PT Cruiser for the show. Since I got my new car on on Tuesday I wanted to take it on Thursday for the show so we loaded it up. We had her crammed to the ceiling and still didn’t get it all in. We packed the PT cruiser pretty full too!! We laughed at how we would have had to cram if I ‘d still been driving the Taurus. I’m pretty sure I’d have had to carry patterns in my lap in the drivers seat to get it all in.

Just goes to show life is good and everything happens when it is supposed to and “Scarlett” my 2013 chevy captiva sport arrived just when I needed her. BTW she’s “Scarlett” my new BFF because she’s a combo of the awesome coolness of Scarlett Johansson (think Natasha in Avengers) and the feisty single-mindedness of Scarlett O’Hara, and of course she’s red.

Oh, and If you showed up here looking for my “easy snap bag” tutorial scroll down the page to the entry for  10-24-11 . Someday I’ll expand it and  put it on the side bar… but not today.

Sew happy, cheers!



News too good to wait…

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"Winter Squash"

“Winter Squash”

The esteemed judges at the Road To California Quilt Show, have awarded the 3rd prize ribbon for my quilt “Winter Squash” in the category of Art – Naturescape. The judges notes were brief, “tulle use is effective for the design” “good realism” “good perspective”

Tonite is preview and I am jazzed to get to see all the quilts on display. “Too Soon to Tell” did not ribbon at Road but has more opportunities for awards in the future being a larger piece and eligible to be entered into more quilt shows.

ta ta for now, just had to share my excitement!!

Whats up for January

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Some people have no trouble putting it all out there, immediately and with no editing. That is just not my style. As an introvert, I need time to process the events in my life and once that processing is complete I’m off on another adventure and talking about what has passed just seems pointless. Add to that I grew up believing that to brag or even really to talk about yourself was well…rude. BUT… I am trying to grow and sometimes that means doing things I’m not entirely comfortable with (OK, growth almost always requires pushing into those scary places) and for me saying what I really think and feel is SCARY! Why? If I do so, you will think I’m weird.  But, It’s time. Time to “let my freak flag fly” embrace my personal brand of weird and get over it. So, here is my disclaimer:

* If you don’t like what I’m saying, I won’t mind if you don’t read it *

If you do stick around I’ll try to find something to say. I am still going to build in a delay feature – a one week lag to allow me to process but that’s it. Also, since I’m about more than quilts, I’ll be sharing more of my other activities and interests.

Now that we’ve gotten thru that, whats up for January 2014?

The Colby Canyon fire 6:30 am

The Colby Canyon fire 6:30 am

Wednesday we woke up to a major bush fire which started about 2 miles due north of us which burned at least 2000 acres by the time it was done. The photo shows the view of the fire from my family room window about 30 minutes after it began when it was still less than 20 acres. We were extremely lucky that the wind moved the fire in a southwesterly direction away from our house which kept our air clean and ash free. Just 4 blocks north of us the residents faced mandatory evacuations. Which brings up the question, what would you grab if you had only minutes to get out? For me it comes down to : the strong box (financial papers, passports etc.) Photos (grab computers, albums maybe..) and Artwork. Forget any other “stuff” and well, Target is always there if I need clean underwear.

Whats up in the garden?


Winter (or the cool season in gardening terms) is when we grow the early spring veggies in Southern California. In my garden the snap peas are about 3″ tall, the carrots and beets are just up and the transplants of broccoli, cauliflower, swiss chard, collard greens and lettuce are doing well. I harvest lettuce leaves individually and we have had several salads already. Our temps have been unusually high for this time of year (in the mid 80’s) and I worry that the cool season greens will bolt if we don’t cool off soon. It took me 2 weeks to dig an asparagus bed in my front yard (you get 10″ down and its all rock!)  now I can order asparagus crowns and bare root blueberries to plant next week.

What’s up in the studio?

“Too Soon to Tell” has been juried into the AQS Lancaster, PA international quilt show. (go back a couple posts to see pic’s)

I have a new quilt pattern design and the sample quilt is on the frame and being quilted now. I’m working on straight line quilting ( very hard to do with a midarm machine) and am finally making use of the ruler platform and thick ruler guide I bought 2-3 years ago. Working this way is brand new to me and makes me wish I had 3 hands. Normally you guide the machine with both hands but with the rulers you have to hold the ruler in place with one hand and use the other to drag the machines hopping foot along the edge of the ruler. Yikes! all I can say is, whatever you do, don’t look at the back! 😉 and practice makes better (but probably not perfect)

May you  be blessed in all that you do. Have a great week!


The Next Best Thing…

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Today my sweet hubby and I went to check out the Los Angeles version of the Renegade Craft Fair. I spent years working in the downtown LA area so I didn’t have high expectations for the site, and it was about as expected…a  flat, open, fairly  barren strip of ground next to the railroad tracks. That being said, I enjoyed the day. I would have loved to buy a particular sweater but the “discounted” $300.00 price tag was a bit steep for me. We did find some amazing butter crunch toffee made in Santa Monica and luscious carmel corn made by a nice gentleman in Valencia. I usually make my own candy and cookie treats for gifts at the holidays but this year that is not going to happen ( blame the 80 degree weather..)I feel strongly in purchasing hand made ( and local if possible)  so I feel if you can’t make it yourself the next best thing is to buy it from someone who did.

I was inspired by the fairly rough, and simple style that is popular with the Renegade Craft Fair and chose to package the tasty goodies in upcycled leftover muslin made into bags and tied with scraps leftover from my bedroom curtains. Sew simple and fun.  I was happy with the effect.

May you enjoy the pleasures of the holdiays and remember to keep it simple.


Old Broads, New Adventures.

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broads business card001 (2)

My buddy and I are teaming up as “A Couple of Old Broads” we will be taking our patterns, kits and “Old Broad” attitude on the road. Our first show is  in February and so I have a lot to do designing and building new samples. This is what gets me excited.  I am in the studio creating new patterns and fun projects that I hope you will enjoy making and will love for a long time to come.

I really enjoy timeless design and am inspired by the current modern trend (as much as the card may look to the contrary, ;-)) I love the graphic quality and how well they work with our more pared down interiors.

I’m making my son a quilt. Naturally its a design I want to make into a pattern. The danger is, if I like the finished product too much, he may not get to use his quilt ’till I’m done using it as a sample. Ah, the fate of the designers child.

Gotta go, sew have fun.



Road Worthy

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I am so excited to report that both of the quilts I entered into “The Road to California Quilt Show” were accepted.” Road”, as it’s known to us quilters is a very prestigious international quilt show which I especially like since it is close to my home.  Road is a really great mix of the best traditional and art quilts being created today. This year they are adding a “modern” category. I am quite interested to see what will be displayed in that category.

All quilts must pass through a rigorous  jury process based on photographs in order to be accepted and displayed at the show. So, just having a quilt accepted is a big deal.  Then the quilts are shipped to the show, once the quilts arrive at the show they are then judged.

Road to California is January 23-26, 2014 at the Ontario Convention Center in Ontario, California. For more information check them out at http://www.road2ca.com/


Keep your fingers crossed for me, I’d love another ribbon from Road!

"Winter Squash"

“Winter Squash”

"Too Soon To Tell"

“Too Soon To Tell”







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