Life is good

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Life among the tulips

Life among the tulips


I really admire people who can keep up with their website, social media, family and work… however I’m not one of them!

I have been really busy but its all good, I  hope to give more details later but just to catch you up:

My husband and I were given a cruise in the spring to the Netherlands with Uniworld cruise lines. The trip was wonderful and I fell in love with Amsterdam I’m sure there are those who would argue with me but to me it’s like Paris only they speak english.

My new pattern “miPhone bag” premiered to great success  during our So. Cal Quilters Run

I’m teaching “Cutting Mat Tote Bag” at the Quilt Loft this Saturday September 28th

My quilt “OMG!” appeared in Quilting Arts August/September issue.

I’ve started an Etsy store – Rettabugs

Life is Good, Hope you feel the same!



Class Change

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Jacob’s Ocean Journey has been re-scheduled to Saturday July 20, 9-4 at The SewNSew, Glendora

Jacobs Ocean Journey quilt (2)


2013 Quilters Run

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It’s Quilters Run time again! This year I am delighted to be invited to participate by sharing my latest pattern, a purse I call the “miPhone bag” along with my other patterns at The SewNSew in Glendora. Shelly and her team at The SewNSew have really gone all out with the decorations and preparations to make your experience on this years Run extra special. Make sure to stop by. Quilters Run continues this week Thursday thru Sunday. Don’t miss the fun.



“Winter Squash” takes Blue Ribbon

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P1080418Last Saturday I was lucky enough to win the 1st prize blue ribbon for my latest quilt “Winter Squash”.  I started this quilt 3 years ago at an Empty Spools seminar with Susan Carlson. The top was about 85% finished when I went home but, as these things go, it got set aside (not exactly forgotten since it was taking up valuable real estate on it’s own design wall) until the time for the Nite Owl Quilt Guild  Quilt Show rolled around.  It was the closest thing to finished that I felt was worth entering into a show. The best part (aside from the ribbon and admiration) is now its completed, its back from the show and I have hung it on my dining room wall and the design wall is freed up for my next creation.


Upcoming classes

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Sign up with confidence

I don’t know about you, but I hate it when I see a class I want to take and get excited, maybe sign up and purchase my supplies, then the class is canceled for not enough participants.

That won’t happen with my classes. This year I am guaranteeing my classes will not be canceled. If you sign up there will be a class, period.

GUARANTEED. Go ahead…sign up, get excited. Get your fabrics… I’ll see you in class.

The following is a list with photos of my upcoming classes

All the Best,


“Cutting Mat Tote Bag” – 20” x 25” (not including handle)

Bibi and her tote   The SewNSew – Glendora

   Saturday June 15, 10am-4pm $30.00


Make taking your tools to class easier with this totebag designed to carry your full size 18” x 24” rotary cutting mat and 6 ½” x 24 ½” rotary ruler with plenty of extra pockets for tools on the front and room for extra supplies inside. Arrive with quilted** fabric, go home with all your supplies packed up in your completed bag.

 **Purchase quilted fabric or quilt your own, purchase an extra ½ yard and you’ll have enough for a matching basic tote


 “Jacob’s Ocean Journey” – 67” x  85”

The SewNSew – Glendora

Wednesday July 10, 10am-5pm $30.00


Jacobs Ocean JourneyThis classic design works up great using a mix of fabrics. These blues and greens remind me of a cool ocean voyage. If you are newer to quilting we will cover the basics of cutting, pressing and strip piecing.  We will also try out several methods for making those ever present ½ square triangles, including a new method of my own. If you’ve been quilting a while you’ll learn a few tips for crisper piecing and faster ½ square triangles spending a fun day working on this classic quilt.




 “Cuddle Ewe” Baby Quilt – 45” x 45”

The SewNSew – Glendora

Saturday August 17, 9am-4pm $35 -paint supplies provided


Cuddle Ewe 9-20 quiltedThis adorable baby quilt will introduce you to painting on fabric. You will learn how to use paints and markers to add charming details to your quilts as well as learning the technique for our “stuffed” ewe bodies. Plan to have fun creating your own personal “ewe” faces and using them to build one block in class. Then you’ll finish this quilt at home as a baby blanket or wall hanging for a special little one in your life.





“Prairie Points and Patches” – Table Topper – 24″ x 24”

The SewNSew – Glendora

Saturday September 21, 9am-4pm $30.00


Prairie Points and PatchesWorking on this charming 24″ square table topper you will hone your skills strip piecing “mini 9 patch” squares as well as be introduced to the fun of prairie points. Prairie points are surprisingly easy (trust me!) This project relies on basic skills so it is suitable for beginners that have at least a project or two under their belts.

 This table topper is quilted with buttons and does not require a binding so you won’t have an excuse for not finishing! Of all the quilts in my home this one gets the most compliments. Join the fun and get some compliments of your own.





New at the SewNSew

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 MiPhone bag

MiPhone bag

On Sunday May 19 I will be teaching my original “MiPhone bag” class at the SewNSew in Glendora. I designed this purse to fit my iPhone, but you can customize it to fit whatever phone you carry. It also makes a terrific gift. The long strap allows it to be worn across the body to leave your hands free.

I have not published this pattern yet so the only way to get it is to take the class. I have it patterned in 3 sizes and you choose one size for the class but take home the pattern with all 3 sizes. Best yet you should finish IN CLASS no ufo’s to take home. Don’t miss out, this may be the only time I offer this class in 2013.

To sign up contact the SewNSew, Glendora, CA  626 852-2223





BIG happenings at home

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Road closed indeed!

Road closed indeed!

This was the scene in front of our house the other day.  Heavy trucks setting up an encampment trapping me in my home, blocking off the entire end of my street.  I though they were going to do something with the light pole out front – but NO the plan was to shut the power off for the day and replace the power pole which sits very snugly behind my studio.

Tight squeeze

Tight squeeze

This required that they lift the new electric/phone pole from the street over the lawn, house, backyard and studio… well over 150 feet.

getting ready to lift the pole

getting ready to lift the pole

up and over

up and over

It really was quite spectacular to be under that crane arm as it went over the house, the enormous pole looked like a tiny cross up there in the sky.

tying in the new lines

tying in the new lines

The sad part is after a few days no one is removing the old pole… so now I have twice the visual clutter, but what can ya do? With the power out I finished the handwork on a binding and was grateful to my iPhone 5 for company and podcasts!



OMG! its official

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My quilt was announced on Wednesday as a finalist in the Quilting Arts Magazine reader challenge. The challenge theme was “Text Me!” I had several ideas on the theme but this is the one I chose to develop (OK, I wanted to do all three then send in my favorite, but…) I wanted the idea of illuminated letters but using the short hand of today. The quilt was whole cloth painted with mostly seta color paints. I took a class with Judy Coates Perez in January at Road to California Quilters Convention and fell in love with painting on fabric this way. Look for more to come using this technique!


St.Patrick’s Day (already?)

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Radishes are so fun, I love how they almost harvest themselves

Radishes are so fun, I love how they almost harvest themselves


I don’t know about you but I can’t believe how fast this year is going!  I intended to post every week this year and if you look at my log you can see how well that is going… My son told me it’s OK to post about whatever I’m up to, it doesn’t always have to be about quilting, so I will be posting more often but time will tell about what.

It seems everyone around me is working thru the same issues. We all seem to be finding it hard to focus in on the things that will bring us the most satisfaction in our lives.  As I was recovering from surgery I read an assortment of books on organization and time management but I am already pretty organized.  2 problems I have are; I spend too much of my time doing repetitious things that will never stay done and I try to do everything.  The book I found that best addressed those issues is 18 Minutes: Find Your Focus, Master Distraction, and Get the Right Things Done by Peter Bregman.  Peter reminds us there are only 24 hours in each day and 7 days in each week and it is not and never will be possible to get it ALL done.  So with Peter’s help I am focusing in on my 5 things for this year.  I’m saying NO to trauma drama derailing me from my goals.  Are you with me?  ARE YOU WITH ME!!! Roar, cheer, lets hear it for us and creativity!!!  OK , now go out and have fun.  Play with your toys and create something that makes you smile and have a great week!



Yet another use for selvages…

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trellis strings poised and waiting

trellis strings poised and waiting

Yes, February is spring in southern California, some of our very best weather is now especially for working outside.  I’ll be inside the studio hiding out from the heat over the summer but during this time of year I spend as much time as possible outside.  One of my favorite uses for selvages is as “string” for my sugar snap peas or green beans.  I especially like the long ones from quilt backs and lengthwise cut borders.  Sometimes I get 2 uses out of them, on the trellis above I have a combination of reused  and new selvages.  I use my more colorful ones like ribbon to tie things together but the less interesting white edges usually ends up in the garden.

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