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"Winter Squash"

“Winter Squash”

Create! 7 keys to unlocking your creative power with Lauretta Crites

What if creating everything, and I mean EVERYTHING, money, your ideal job, awards, fame, love… was as easy as making a quilt?

In this program you’ll learn:

How creating anything and everything can be as easy and fun as whipping up a quilt.

Why losing yourself in your sewing can be the best way to solve problems.

Ways that, what you believe, may be spoiling your sewing fun.

The amazing power hiding in your passion for quilting.

Prepare to be transformed by this empowering look at quilting by award winning quilter and creator Lauretta Crites. Lauretta’s quilts, personal experiences as well as information pulled from the latest science and historical events will have you looking at your quilting in a whole new way!



Create! Visioning on fabric

Visioning on Fabric

Visioning on Fabric

Visualization is a powerful tool for focusing used to help us achieve our goals. In this workshop we will be creating a small (approx. 11” x 17”) wall hanging to help get us in the “feeling place” of our dreams. You may make your piece as literal or as abstract as you want. This is about a “feeling” no art experience is required! You may share what your quilt represents, or not, it is entirely up to you. Immerse yourself in the powerful energy created as we work together. This is your dream, there is no should. Use colors that speak to you, embellish as your heart desires. As long as your quilt makes you smile and reminds you of your desire, it’s perfect. You will learn tips and tools for taking your dreams from fabric to fruition. The experts agree the more you can “feel” the way achieving your dream will feel, the more likely you are to achieve it.


“Christmas in July”  (only available July-October)

october 2012 thru june 2013 025

Every year you promise yourself you will start your holiday preparations early and every year December 1 just shows up, out of nowhere, to surprise you. This year you really are going to start early and we will do it together. You’ll create a new holiday story, one in which you don’t just survive the holidays, but you thrive feeling proud, happy and stress free. Together we will plan our calendars and gift lists + brainstorm solutions to some common holiday dilemmas, all while enjoying seasonal music and special snacks, then we will get started on some holiday stitching.


Cutting Mat Tote Bag

Bibi and her tote

I love 1 day projects! In this class you arrive with quilted fabric and you leave with a personalized tote bag ready to carry your full size 18 ½” x 24” cutting mat, 6 ½” x 24” rotary ruler + the fabrics and notions you need for your next quilting adventure. Stop “man handling” that mat board and give it the respect (and the bag) it needs. You’ll want to make extras for gifts!


Painted Tyvek

Painted Tyvek Leaves

Who knew a lowly mailing envelope could become so beautiful? The durable “fabric” known as Tyvek can be painted and manipulated in a variety of ways to add dimensional embellishments to your art quilts. This is “up-cycling” at its best. Offered as a project class, or a process class where participants make fabric for their own future projects.


miPhone your Phone bag – Your new favorite purse!


MiPhone Bag

MiPhone Your Phone Bag

I created this purse specifically to hold my iPhone but you’ll think it was designed just for you! Customize the pockets to fit your brand of cell phone perfectly, take notes easily with the pen pockets built in on the side. The pockets continue on the back, yet it’s as easy as pie to complete in just a few hours. Cross body bags are so convenient and trendy. Showcase your personality with your fabric choices and plan to make lots more for gifts, everyone will want one!

Choose from 3 purse sizes to make in class then customize it to fit your phone. You get to “make it your way” choose the size then, the fabrics… 1 fabric inside and out or mix it up? The choices are unlimited, but no matter how you design it, you will go home wearing a great cross body bag customized to hold the cell phone you can’t live without.

Quilt Coloring Fun

Quilt Coloring Fun

Quilt Coloring Fun

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Quilt Coloring Fun

You know coloring is great fun! Did you know you can color your quilts? Learn the techniques for using ordinary colored pencils to make beautiful, vibrantly colored, washable quilts. Allow your inner child to come to the party as we re-discover the joy of effortlessly creating. Students will have a variety of pre-printed mini quilt designs to choose from.

Of all the supplies available for art quilts by far my favorite and the easiest to use is pencil colors. More precise than crayons, easier to control and blend than inks and paints. Add that they are inexpensive and with the application of “magic elixir” permanent on fabric, what’s not to love! Come have a day of fun reacquainting yourself with the joys of simple coloring. If you have learned to “color INSIDE the lines” you already have all the skills you need to launch right in and start creating!


“Get Real”

jan thru april 09 209

“Get Real” Harvest Scarecrow project

Light and shadow are what give the things we see form and shape. In this class we will be adding detail and dimension to our applique designs with inks, pencils and pens. This is the technique I use most often for my award winning quilts.  Available as a 1 or 2 day class.


NYGCD (not your grannies churn dash)

NYGCD Fabulous and Fast 2 color quilt

NYGCD Fabulous and Fast 2 color quilt

This is not your grannies churn dash! This churn dash variation has a modern graphic look that everyone loves but used to be a huge hassle to make. Now I’ve  re-engineered it to take advantage of today rotary methods no more half-square triangles. Now a row quilt on the diagonal you’ll speed through this beauty using strip sets, nested seams, chain piecing. All the things we know make for a fast quilt.  Grannie never had it this good!