Don’t stop the presses!!

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Yesterday I received super exciting news! Lori Baker creative editor for Quilters Newsletter Magazine emailed that Winter Squash was selected to be the Photo Finish for their October/November issue. Quilters Newsletter is a well known magazine loved by quilters and the Photo Finish is a full page that has featured so many outstanding quilts I feel giddy to have my work chosen to join that company. I can’t wait to see it!

"Winter Squash"

“Winter Squash”

As I was thinking how nice it will be to see a large picture in print I suddenly realized I never even mentioned the 1st time my work appeared in a national magazine. Sometimes things move so fast and I’m so busy living life I don’t seem to have time to report on all the wonderful things that are happening along the way. Last year, I was also privileged to see my work in print. Quilting Arts ran a reader challenge competition for which the theme was “Text Me” the ubiquitous OMG came instantly to my mind and well… you can see my interpretation below. It certainly jumps off the page …even if I do say so myself.

OMG in Quilting Arts Magazine

OMG in Quilting Arts Magazine


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