Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

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I decorate for the seasons. Maybe its because I live in Southern California where we don’t have any seasons. We do have different temperatures though, coolish, warmish, and too darn hot. But, as those don’t line up with any particular dates on the calendar (as evidenced by 95+ degrees last week and 70’s this week) I create my seasons indoors. The cycle changes slightly depending on my mood and my schedule. Just before mothers day I packed up the bunnies and pastel brights in favor of Red/White/Blue. I will continue to layer on more on the theme this week for memorial day and it will stay thru 4th of July.

I do have a “rinse and repeat” process using items stored in totes but increasingly my quilts and a couple of key accents rule the decor. One way I create a new look with the same items is to use them in a new way. Here I have placed a table runner on the back of a couch for a pop of color.P1090321


I wanted a throw pillow in the red/white/blue theme but didn’t find quite what I wanted. This wall quilt didn’t have a good spot this year so I took an existing pillow and simply wrapped the quilt around the pillow.  Placed on a chair or couch that is rarely sat on it looks great.



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