Happy New Year!!!!

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A ritual I love to do this time of year is to sit down with my calendar and planner and work out my goals for the coming year, and make sure I put my vacations in 1st! Last year I did the e-version of Leonie Dawson’s 2014 Create your amazing life & biz workbook and planner. But, considering my computer and I are hardly BFF’s (although we are working on our relationship…) this year I treated myself to the print version.

2015 Create your Shining year workbook

2015 Create your Shining year workbook

Leonie’s workbooks are so fun, colorful and positively supportive. Now that Christmas is over I’ve been curled up with my “2015 Create your Shining Year workbook” and a handful of colorful pens and am deep into planning.  “Planning” Leonie style includes scheduling self care and lots of time to dream along with more practical “action” steps. I have been busy writing in vendor dates for “Old Broads” as well as vacations for myself and my sweetie pie.

I love this workbook and Leonie’s vibe! In case you would like to get one of your own, she has e-versions for life or business or a combo of both. And, if you are looking for some fun positive information from a nutty Aussie who swears like a sailor and loves to make up her own words you can sign up for her mailing list, check out www.leoniedawson.com

2015 is off and running…





  1. Deneice Hadley said,

    April 15, 2016 at 9:16 am

    What a pleasure it was listening to and learning from you last night at TLC. You are very inspirational and your love of people was obvious. Not only in you creative way of sharing your quilts but in your body language and facial expressions throughout the evening.
    Please sign me up for your newsletter. I look forward to receiving it.

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  2. Lauretta Crites said,

    April 17, 2016 at 8:17 pm

    Thank you Deneice for your kind words. I really enjoyed my time with TLC. I’ve signed you up and you should have the lst email soon.

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