Happy New Year

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This year started out with a bang! actually lots and lots of them… after several delays due to rain, on January 5 they tore off the roof.  Now 3 days and a lot of dust and noise later taa daa… um well ok not done but we are getting there.  I guess I shouldn’t be in too much of a hurry to see the roofers leave, once they do I need to start prepping to paint. Yuck.

One of my new year’s resolutions is to “embrace technology” and to that end I am promising to post more than a couple of times a year (though I don’t vouch for content…whatever am I going to talk about?) and I am going to sit still and learn my EQ6 program (since EQ7 is out and 8 is no doubt coming). Those resolutions join with spend more time sketching and painting and … so we shall see.

With the help of my folks who came for a week after Christmas I designed and built my dream cutting table. It still stinks of spar varnish but it is a thing of beauty and exactly what I wanted. Pretty slick huh!

My snazzy new cutting table

And to welcome in the new year (OK, I was escaping the roofing  noise in the house if you must know) I put a fresh cover on my pressing table. Now my studio is so clean I don’t know what to do. It seems so wrong to make a mess. Oh well, that won’t last.

I do have a couple classes coming up at Gingers Quilt Shoppe, Feb 5 is my new purse design the miPhone bag and on March 5 is the Cutting Mat tote bag class. You can contact me or Ginger’s for more info.

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