Happy Thanksgiving

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Thanksgiving morning

Thanksgiving morning

Happy Thanksgiving!

We have kicked off the holiday season …. last Saturday we went out to the Riverside Municipal Theater to see our Nephew Austin performing with his fellow students. He attends a performing arts high school and it was so fun to see the talent these young people exhibit and the skills they display already. It made me realize how much I miss going to live theater. My husband, David and I both agreed we need to add that back into our lives. We have several theaters and colleges nearby, I’m excited to check out their schedules and order up some tickets!

On Sunday we enjoyed an early Thanksgiving Dinner at the home of our Son’s girlfriend. Her parents Juliet and Mike remained unflappable with nearly 20 sitting down to dinner. I admire them so much. My own sit down dinner on Thursday will be far more modest… 5 at last count. I’ll be doing a blend of home cooking and prepared foods. Leaning on Trader Joe’s market to create a few sides… I’m brineing a turkey. I did it last year for the 1st time and it really is worth it! I’ll make the garlic mashed potatoes from scratch but dear TJ’S is in charge of the corn casserole, pumpkin pie and cleaning and trimming the green beans.

I put the tree up yesterday and will try to complete the indoor decorations for the family room by this morning. With Thanksgiving so late this year I feel like one foot in each holiday is the best technique for managing, dining room and living room is in fall, family room and bedroom moved on to Christmas.

However you choose to tackle the holidays this year, be kind to yourself and remember it will all be over by January 2… Smile. Enjoy, repeat.

Lillian says "Hi"

Lillian says “Hi”


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