LOVE …is all you need.

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Love is truly all you need.

When you are in love everything feels wonderful. You feel more beautiful, more vital, more alive.

This Valentines Weekend  fall totally and madly in love… with yourself. 

You are utterly amazing. You are here because YOU are a good idea. Because YOU add to all that is by who you are. Everyday you engage and touch others in ways you never imagine.

YOU are exactly right. You do not need to be anything or anyone other than who you are, so relax.

YOU are exactly where you should be RIGHT NOW, so relax.

You are growing and learning so much and you will continue to grow and learn, that is the nature of life, so relax.

Look at what you have done and what you have chosen and what you have created and know it has all been exactly right and be happy NOW.

…and that goes for me, too. So this weekend I’m practicing extreme self love. I’m going to be delighted with myself. I will be indulgent and playful. I will ask myself leading questions and really listen to the answers. I will be open and curious. I will eat CHOCOLATE.

I will fill my cup until it overflows knowing that its from that abundance  – that overflow – that I can best love others, too – Much love to you <3

I’d love to know how you  fill your cup this weekend. 🙂

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