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Quilt Market and Festival in Houston was sooo much fun! It’s taken me more than a week to catch up and process the experience and my brain is busy calculating plans to attend again next year. Step 1 make another awesome quilt that wins a ribbon….


George Brown Convention Center

OK details… For starters the place is IMMENSE really truly immense. The good news is all that walking keeps the pounds off!

Now for the really good news… “Winter Squash” was awarded 2nd prize in the “Art Miniature” category.

"Winter Squash" at Houston with its 2nd place ribbon

“Winter Squash” at Houston with its 2nd place ribbon

Now, in my opinion, the category should be “Art, Small” since there is a separate category for “Miniature Quilts” which are quilts in reduced scale, something else altogether, but, I am over the moon about winning at Houston!!!! they can call it any thing they like. There were many really really beautiful quilts on display and I had to pick my chin up off the floor on a number of occasions!!

If you’ve never attended the award ceremony for the IQA Houston Festival then you would be as surprised as I was at how they do it.

The ballroom is set up with a small stage at the front with steps at both ends. The stage has a podium and a table with flowers on it. There is a large screen above the stage slightly  to one side. As the award sponsors present each award the winning quilter goes up onto the stage to receive their check.

The room is completely draped in black curtains and as each quilt is announced a photograph is projected onto the screen so the audience can see the quilt. They start with honorable mention for each category and work their way up. When they announce the 1st prize winner a spotlight comes up on the wall and a curtain flys away revealing the winning quilt beautifully lit eliciting a gasp and collective ahhhh…

I don’t know why but this part really surprised me, I didn’t expect the quilts to be in the room, and truth be told when I found out and knew I had seen my quilt already displayed down on the show floor, I had a sinking feeling… but as soon as I saw this stunner by Janet Fogg, which won 1st place in “Art – Whimsical”, my heart was back in hopeful excitement, since I knew for sure I had seen her quilt on the show floor.


Eloise Joins the Circus – Janet Fogg 1st place Art -Whimsical

When the Masters awards are presented, those are quilts winning $5,000 and above, a bouquet of flowers is also presented to the winning quilter. I didn’t notice at the time, but later learned that the flower colors are chosen to coordinate with the quilts, which might lend a clue to the highly knowledgeable and extremely sharp eyed among you in the future.

Speaking of the future, I’m setting my sights on another win at Houston. Next time I’d like my quilt to be “behind the curtain” and I wouldn’t complain if it came with a bouquet of flowers, either!

If you’d like to see more of the beautiful quilts in “Quilts: A World of Beauty” the IQA 2014 juried quilt show check them out here http://www.quilts.org/winners.html

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