Old Broads, New Adventures.

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broads business card001 (2)

My buddy and I are teaming up as “A Couple of Old Broads” we will be taking our patterns, kits and “Old Broad” attitude on the road. Our first show is  in February and so I have a lot to do designing and building new samples. This is what gets me excited.  I am in the studio creating new patterns and fun projects that I hope you will enjoy making and will love for a long time to come.

I really enjoy timeless design and am inspired by the current modern trend (as much as the card may look to the contrary, ;-)) I love the graphic quality and how well they work with our more pared down interiors.

I’m making my son a quilt. Naturally its a design I want to make into a pattern. The danger is, if I like the finished product too much, he may not get to use his quilt ’till I’m done using it as a sample. Ah, the fate of the designers child.

Gotta go, sew have fun.


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