The Next Best Thing…

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Today my sweet hubby and I went to check out the Los Angeles version of the Renegade Craft Fair. I spent years working in the downtown LA area so I didn’t have high expectations for the site, and it was about as expected…a  flat, open, fairly  barren strip of ground next to the railroad tracks. That being said, I enjoyed the day. I would have loved to buy a particular sweater but the “discounted” $300.00 price tag was a bit steep for me. We did find some amazing butter crunch toffee made in Santa Monica and luscious carmel corn made by a nice gentleman in Valencia. I usually make my own candy and cookie treats for gifts at the holidays but this year that is not going to happen ( blame the 80 degree weather..)I feel strongly in purchasing hand made ( and local if possible)  so I feel if you can’t make it yourself the next best thing is to buy it from someone who did.

I was inspired by the fairly rough, and simple style that is popular with the Renegade Craft Fair and chose to package the tasty goodies in upcycled leftover muslin made into bags and tied with scraps leftover from my bedroom curtains. Sew simple and fun.  I was happy with the effect.

May you enjoy the pleasures of the holdiays and remember to keep it simple.

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