Whats up for January

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Some people have no trouble putting it all out there, immediately and with no editing. That is just not my style. As an introvert, I need time to process the events in my life and once that processing is complete I’m off on another adventure and talking about what has passed just seems pointless. Add to that I grew up believing that to brag or even really to talk about yourself was well…rude. BUT… I am trying to grow and sometimes that means doing things I’m not entirely comfortable with (OK, growth almost always requires pushing into those scary places) and for me saying what I really think and feel is SCARY! Why? If I do so, you will think I’m weird.  But, It’s time. Time to “let my freak flag fly” embrace my personal brand of weird and get over it. So, here is my disclaimer:

* If you don’t like what I’m saying, I won’t mind if you don’t read it *

If you do stick around I’ll try to find something to say. I am still going to build in a delay feature – a one week lag to allow me to process but that’s it. Also, since I’m about more than quilts, I’ll be sharing more of my other activities and interests.

Now that we’ve gotten thru that, whats up for January 2014?

The Colby Canyon fire 6:30 am

The Colby Canyon fire 6:30 am

Wednesday we woke up to a major bush fire which started about 2 miles due north of us which burned at least 2000 acres by the time it was done. The photo shows the view of the fire from my family room window about 30 minutes after it began when it was still less than 20 acres. We were extremely lucky that the wind moved the fire in a southwesterly direction away from our house which kept our air clean and ash free. Just 4 blocks north of us the residents faced mandatory evacuations. Which brings up the question, what would you grab if you had only minutes to get out? For me it comes down to : the strong box (financial papers, passports etc.) Photos (grab computers, albums maybe..) and Artwork. Forget any other “stuff” and well, Target is always there if I need clean underwear.

Whats up in the garden?


Winter (or the cool season in gardening terms) is when we grow the early spring veggies in Southern California. In my garden the snap peas are about 3″ tall, the carrots and beets are just up and the transplants of broccoli, cauliflower, swiss chard, collard greens and lettuce are doing well. I harvest lettuce leaves individually and we have had several salads already. Our temps have been unusually high for this time of year (in the mid 80’s) and I worry that the cool season greens will bolt if we don’t cool off soon. It took me 2 weeks to dig an asparagus bed in my front yard (you get 10″ down and its all rock!)  now I can order asparagus crowns and bare root blueberries to plant next week.

What’s up in the studio?

“Too Soon to Tell” has been juried into the AQS Lancaster, PA international quilt show. (go back a couple posts to see pic’s)

I have a new quilt pattern design and the sample quilt is on the frame and being quilted now. I’m working on straight line quilting ( very hard to do with a midarm machine) and am finally making use of the ruler platform and thick ruler guide I bought 2-3 years ago. Working this way is brand new to me and makes me wish I had 3 hands. Normally you guide the machine with both hands but with the rulers you have to hold the ruler in place with one hand and use the other to drag the machines hopping foot along the edge of the ruler. Yikes! all I can say is, whatever you do, don’t look at the back! 😉 and practice makes better (but probably not perfect)

May you  be blessed in all that you do. Have a great week!

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